Louis Andriessen (1939)

Letter from Cathy (2003)

pour voix et ensemble

Informations générales

Date de composition : 2003
Durée : 7 minutes
Éditeur : Boosey & Hawkes

Voix et/ou chœur et ensemble [1 voix soliste et ensemble jusqu'à 9 instruments]

Effectif détaillé
  • soliste : voix soliste non spécifiée
  • violon, harpe, percussionniste, piano, contrebasse

Information sur la création

  • 13 mai 2003, Italie, Reggio Emilia, Teatro Ariosto, par Cristina Zavalloni : voix.

Note de programme

When I studied composition with Luciano Berio in the early sixties in Milan, I also rehearsed and performed concerts and radio recordings with Cathy Berberian, who was at that time married to Berio. Then, one year ago, Cristina Zavalloni asked me to compose a song for her for the Berberian project of I Teatri.

Cristina, for whom I had already written several other pieces, is the first singer I've met since Cathy Berberian who has the same musicality and flexibility, and who is able to cross over the borders of different singing styles. Therefore I decided to read through the ca. 30 letters and postcards I had kept from Cathy Berberian, to find a good text for the piece. I chose the letter in which Cathy tells about her meeting with Stravinsky (who speaks French in this letter) where he decided to make a version for her of "Elegy for J.F. Kennedy".

Although some parts of the letter are somewhat personal and, you might say, touching, I decided to use the letter in its unabridged form.

Louis Andriessen, Mai 2003.